Behavioral Health RoundTable

Behavioral Health RoundTable of Cuyahoga County

Staying healthy encompasses more than just physical health. Behavioral healthcare, which refers to the treatment of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders, is another important component of an individual’s overall health.

The Center initiated the Behavioral Health RoundTable in 2007 as a response to hospital leaders' concerns regarding timely and appropriate placement for psychiatric patients initially admitted to hospital emergency departments and in an effort to address the unique challenges in working with and treating behavioral health patients. Upon identifying the need to facilitate coordination of care for a particular population of patients, the Behavioral Health RoundTable invited community behavioral health agencies in the public sector to be partners in addressing the needs of this unique population, creating the first public-private collaborative of this sort in Ohio.

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An initial project for the RoundTable was coordinating the development of a standardized emergency department medical clearance form with agreement from hospital, community mental health, and state hospital behavioral health professionals. In addition to this work, metrics were developed across hospital providers to monitor patient length of stay in various departments, including emergency rooms and inpatient care units. The issue of lapsed Medicaid was also monitored in order to develop systems to keep track of patients and prevent a lapse in coverage. 

Current Behavioral Health RoundTable initiatives include:

  • Locating and implementing a tool that can track admissions and readmissions, in real-time, across hospital systems to decrease unnecessary admissions and provide an adequate level of care.
  • Addressing behavioral health items identified in the Community Needs Assessment by sharing resources relative to the opiate epidemic specific to Cuyahoga County.
  • Ensuring an adequate supply of all levels of behavioral health workers in treatment settings.

The Center also co-facilitates the Regional Public-Private Behavioral Health Collaborative with Northcoast Behavioral Health Center and is working on the following initiatives:

  • Sharing best practices among counties regarding opiate abuse initiatives in order to address the opiate epidemic.
  • Implementing peer support services in public and private sectors across all levels of care.
  • Creating a plan to ensure the concepts of Trauma-Informed Care are effectively practiced.

To learn more about The Center’s Behavioral Health RoundTable, please contact Pam Waite at or 216.255.3650. 

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