Behavioral Health RoundTable

Behavioral Health RoundTable

Staying healthy encompasses more than just physical health. Behavioral healthcare, which refers to the treatment of mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders, is another important component of an individual’s overall health.

Recognizing the opportunity to improve the behavioral healthcare system, The Center’s Behavioral Health RoundTable was initiated in 2007 to bring hospitals and other stakeholders in the behavioral healthcare community together to address existing challenges. Formed in response to hospital leaders' concerns regarding timely and appropriate placement for psychiatric patients initially admitted to hospital emergency departments, the Behavioral Health RoundTable is succeeding in improving the delivery of behavioral healthcare services. 

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Upon identifying the need to facilitate coordination of care for a particular population of patients, Behavioral Health RoundTable staff initiated the development of a secured website to enable the sharing of specialized treatment plans among participating care providers. The secured site, hosted by The Center, is currently in development.

Also in 2010, hospital members of the Behavioral Health RoundTable coordinated the development of a standardized emergency department medical clearance form with agreement from hospital, community mental health and state hospital behavioral health professionals. This form is designed to create time and work efficiencies and facilitate patient transfers out of hospital emergency departments.

In the coming year, the Behavioral Health RoundTable will be addressing the issue of discharge planning. The Discharge Planning workgroup has already developed a standardized intake assessment and is working to disseminate it to members.

To learn more about The Center’s Behavioral Health RoundTable, please contact Pam Waite at or 216.255.3650. 

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