NEONI’s PERQS Center to Harness Nursing Excellence

The Center for Health Affairs, the leading advocate for Northeast Ohio hospitals, and its workforce initiative, NEONI, have collaborated to establish NEONI’s Center for Practice, Education, Research, Quality and Safety (PERQS), to provide unique opportunities to harness nursing excellence in practice, education, research, quality and safety.

NEONI’s PERQS Center consists of four divisions, which have been developed by nursing leaders from NEONI’s membership. A breakdown of each division is as follows.

  • Practice
    The Practice division will focus on professionalism in nursing and nursing competency by surveying and observing how chief nursing officers in the community define professionalism and professional behaviors.
  • Education
    The objective of the Education division is to narrow the gap from nursing education to nursing practice by recognizing how to best prepare new nurses to achieve a high level of competency and to minimize the learning curve as they begin their professional nursing careers.
  • Research
    The Research division’s goal is to achieve nursing excellence by creating a database of evidence-based nursing research in Northeast Ohio for nursing students and leaders, practicing nurses and researchers.
  • Quality and Safety
    The Quality & Safety division will establish baseline metrics through a survey to identify the state of quality and safety related to nursing practice and patient care in Northeast Ohio. Once a baseline is established, disparity or gaps in quality levels will be identified and opportunities to improve care and practices will be explored.

NEONI’s PERQS Center is a collaborative between nurses from academia and practice with the purpose of sharing nursing research, best practices, quality initiatives, models of care and ultimately conquering nursing excellence in practice, education, research, quality and safety across hospitals, schools of nursing, long-term care and homecare organizations throughout Northeast Ohio.

Contact us to learn more about how NEONI’s PERQS Center is harnessing nursing excellence.


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