NEONI Members

NEONI Members

The Center for Health Affairs workforce initiative, NEONI, is a collaborative of Northeast Ohio nursing leaders from both practice and academia. NEONI’s strength lies in its ability to bring nursing leaders, clinical agencies, educators and organizations together to address and seek solutions for healthcare workforce issues in Northeast Ohio.

NEONI represents a unique opportunity for nursing leaders to interface with their colleagues from academia and practice, a collaboration that did not previously occur in this region and that is absent in many other communities across the country. 

Together, nursing leaders in practice and education through NEONI have spearheaded a number of programs that have enhanced the healthcare workforce in Northeast Ohio.

Today, NEONI’s membership, including 200+ professional nursing leaders representing 74 organizations in 12 Northeast Ohio counties, is a collaboration of hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health organizations, schools of nursing, professional nursing associations and individuals interested in the future of the Northeast Ohio healthcare workforce.

Click here to view a list of active NEONI members.

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