Narrowing the Gap

Education: Narrowing the Gap Between Nursing Education and Practice

The Education division under NEONI's PERQS Center works on narrowing the gap between nursing education and practice by relating practice to curriculum, exploring performance-based development systems, increasing research efforts in education and testing methods to increase students and new graduates’ critical thinking and reasoning skills. 

The Education division focuses on several aspects of the educational arena including:
  • Researching the knowledge, skills and application methods related to teaching and defining the best methodology to use under specific circumstances.
  • Implementing the Ohio Nurse Competency Model standards to continue narrowing the gap between nursing students and nurses practicing in the field.
  • Teaching pre-licensure students as well as practicing nurses the critical skills related to quality and safety. 

Contact us to learn more about how NEONI’s PERQS Center's Education division is narrowing the gap between nursing education and practice.

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