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Since 1916, The Center for Health Affairs has been synonymous with leadership in healthcare advocacy.

Programs pioneered by the association continue to address issues that affect the delivery of healthcare to the local, regional and national community. The accomplishments over the past 100+ years are a direct result of the cooperative efforts of capable hospital trustees, dedicated hospital administrators and results-driven staff of the association.

The association's roots can be traced back to 1914 when local hospital leaders started holding informal meetings to discuss common problems and to find the most effective, economical ways to operate hospitals. And in March of 1916, the Cleveland Hospital Council, (later named the Greater Cleveland Hospital Association, and now known as The Center for Health Affairs) became the first association of its kind in the country to be staffed and functioning regularly as a association for healthcare and hospitals.

Business Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday through Friday


The Center for Health Affairs is located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio in the Playhouse Square District on Star Plaza at:

1226 Huron Road East
Cleveland, Ohio 44115
800.362.2628 toll free

 The Center Map


From the South
Take I-71 (N):  Exit at E. 9th Street and proceed north to the intersection of Huron/Prospect.  Turn right onto Prospect and immediately turn left at the light onto Huron.
Take I-77 (N):  Exit at E. 14th Street.  Proceed North on E. 14th and turn left onto Prospect.  The surface lot, Halle Building garage and the Renaissance Parking garage can be accessed from Prospect.
For street parking on Huron, turn right at the next light (Huron).
From the West
Take I-90 (E):  Follow I-90 East until it merges into I-71 North.  Follow the I-71 (N) directions.
From the East
Take I-90 (W):  Exit at Prospect and turn right at the top of the ramp at the light.  Proceed West on Prospect past E. 14th Street to Huron.  Make a sharp right onto Huron.
Street parking is available on Huron where metered.  Additional parking is available in the Halle Building garage (A on the map, 1212 Huron - there is an entrance from Prospect as well as Huron) and the Renaissance Parking Garage (B on the map - located on the corner of Prospect and E. 14th).


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